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Create a Final Project Management Plan using the Project Management Template by inserting or attaching the results from your graded and revised assignments, such as the subsidiary plans and baselines from Assignments 2-7 to your Project Management Plan.  The Project Management Plan template indicates where there should be inserted or attached.

After you have opened the template on your desktop, you should notice a distinct difference between this template and the plan that you saw earlier in the term.  This template includes directions and, in one section, sample language for completing your project plan.

To use the template, first include your project title and the date the project is due.  Following down the page, you will see headings in bold and instructions or suggestions in blue lettering.  The information in blue provides suggestions of inputs into the plan (especially when you can use a former assignment as an input).  Please delete the blue lettering once you have filled in the sections with your information (type your information in black).  Under the Project Management Approach section, you should also see some sample language in italics.  Replace both the blue lettering and the information in italics with your own personal approach for this project.

For the rest of the plan, simply keep all bold headers and include the necessary information to complete that section.  The preferred method is to insert information in paragraph or bulleted form.  You can also insert charts, graphs, or other visuals into the plan.  If you have trouble inserting a particular form or section from a previous assignment, you can submit it as an attachment to the plan; however, you must indicate this in the appropriate section.  Please keep attachments to a minimum.

Attachment:- Project Plan Template.rar

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