Create a film flyer which will represent given cinemas

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Part 1:

Create a film flyer/poster, which will represent one of the following cinemas:
- Third Cinema
- Indian Cinema
- African Cinema
- Chinese Cinema
- Iranian Cinema
- Women Filmmakers
- African American Cinema
- LGBT Film History

This assignment will require you to do outside research. Your flyer/poster should include images, the type of genres, the names of main actors, a description of the theme. The flyer/poster will be similar to the posters that you see in the theater's showcases or flyers that you receive for products' promotion. It should not exceed one page.

Part 2:

Write a 800-word summary of why you chose your specific cinema/topic, and a brief history of the cinema/topic. a clear discussion of the conventions, genres, possible cinematography elements, specific films, cultural topics, and narrative.

Include heading and subheading to separate different parts of your paper, such as cinematography, narrative etc.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines. You need at least two references. Only Microsoft Word document is acceptable. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.

Submit your completed assignment (the flyer/poster and summary) to the Assignment Files tab.

Reference no: EM131249604

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