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Proposal is a laptop that can be upgraded, i.e graphic cards motherboards, etc and cost 300.00 for purchase basic model, with options to customize at the time of purchase which would cost more depending on upgrade. Primary advertisement would be on-line webpage and media sites. Purchase can be done online or in electronic stores. labor, fixed costs, and raw materials must be calculated as well as delivery and advertising.

  1. Using a spreadsheet software program, create a chart showing the costs of your product or service and at least three different price points you might consider selling the product. 
  2. In a separate area on the spreadsheet, explain the chart and the price points (use your own words). 
  3. Select your BE point and explain why you selected that specific BE point. 
  4. (Explanation should be a minimum of 500 words, spelling and grammar count. Use Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced. Note:  even though you are writing within the spreadsheet use APA style.)
  5. In your explanation, be sure to consider the cost of: 
    • raw materials
    • labor
    • fixed costs
    • delivery
    • advertising
  6. You may need to be creative as you come up with pricing (this is ok).

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Reference no: EM13827414

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