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Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement Assignment - Blog project worksheet and forum

Task 1: The Blog

The blog project allows you to demonstrate your ability to access the Internet, set up a social networking presence and upload and link a wide variety of files.

1. Create a Blog on your chosen topic, ensure you include the following:

  • Minimum of three posts.
  • At least one image on each post page.
  • One comment on your blog from another blogger.
  • Link on your blog to another blog that is relevant to your topic.
  • A link to an external file that you have created (eg. PDF instructions file).
  • A comment you have left on another person's blog.

2. Complete the assessment paper on the following pages, including the mini RSS Mini project and hardware knowledge section.

Blog Project Report -

1. My blog address is.

2. List what you achieved with the blog.

3. List the name of each file you uploaded, including the file extensions.

4. Paste here the link you have in your blog to a file.

5. Paste here the link you have in your blog to a website.

6. List the dates of at least three of your posts.

7. Paste here the link to a comment left on your blog.

8. Paste here the link you have included in your blog to another person's blog.

9. Paste here the link to the comment you left on another person's blog.

Project Knowledge -

1. Describe the steps for uploading the images, text files, PDF files, audio files and video files in your blog.

2. Which icon do you click on your blog editing page to find the options to import and back up content?

3. What steps do you take to link a document in your blog?

4. What is the process for adding labels (aka tags) to your blog?

Connecting Questions -

1. Explain how you connect to a new social media application such as Instagram, Pinterest,Ffacebook,

RSS Mini Project -

1. Register with an RSS feed and use it to connect to a social network.

2. Make two screenshots: the URL pasted into the RSS feed and the resulting screen.

Suggested steps:

Step 1: Run a Google search on Feedreader → Download Feedreader → Feedreader Online.

Step 2: Use your Gmail account to register → go to Gmail and click on link.

Step 3: Find a site you want to follow (e.g. Google News) and copy the URL.

Step 4: Paste the URL in Feedreader.

Step 5: Make a screenshot (Ctrl+Alt+Print Scrn).

Step 6: Press Enter and take a screenshot of the resulting screen.

Hardware Knowledge -

1. Describe two input devices that you use.

2. Describe two output devices that you use.

Task 2: Project Forum

1. Post to the Project Forum:

  • Blog address
  • List of tags you used
  • Your findings

Reference no: EM132279754

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Instructions to Assessor - Work, Health and Safety: A work health and safety check of the assessment environment is to be conducted prior to the assessment and any hazards addressed appropriately. List the time, materials provided and assessment range and conditions on the next page. These sections should be detailed enough for multiple assessors to consistently implement the assessment and include details of location, time restrictions, level of assistance permitted (if any), WHS, environment protocols, etc. The student should have access to techniques, procedures, information, resources and aids which would normally be available in the workplace. Include if open or closed book. Materials to be supplied may include: assessment paper, site plan, text, internet access, etc.


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Information for Students: You may have two (2) attempts for this assessment. If your first attempt is not successful, your teacher will discuss your results with you and will arrange a second attempt. If your second attempt is not successful, you will be required to re-enrol in this unit. Only one re-assessment attempt will be granted for each assessment item, with the exception of Apprentices or Trainees who are permitted an additional supplementary assessment. Time Allowed: From week three to due date. Materials Provided: eLearn, assessment paper, and required text Assessment Criteria: To achieve a satisfactory result, your assessor will be looking for your ability to complete the following tasks. This assessment requires details of the blog plus other practical aspects of social media. Completion - Save and upload this document using the assignment link provided.

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