Create a basic diagram that depicts a star network topology

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You were selected to design a small peer-to-peer network for a new facility which has six computers and a networked printer. Each desk computer must have a wired network connection as well as wireless access for mobile devices. Using the Gliffy (Links to an external site.) software, create a basic diagram that depicts a star network topology with a switch as the central communications node. The focus here is on the network communications equipment for this LAN so include only that equipment and end nodes on the network. There is no need to draw out the physical space.

Once you are complete with the diagram write out a 3-4 paragraph description of your design. Explain how the hardware is connected, what cable media is used, etc. State any assumptions you've made about the kind of work being done, the demands the people in the office will put on the network or how they'll use it, and how that influenced your design. For example, if this is a small streaming video-based news service, they probably need more performance from the network and their ISP than a small rental property management office might.


Depict a star topology in the diagram

Position the central hardware network communications device that enables end nodes to connect to the network (switch)

Include hardware devices that:

connect your network to other networks (router)

connect your LAN to the ISP (modem)

connect devices to the LAN via wireless (wireless router)

for this activity use a separate hardware unit for each element; do not use combination devices such as a modem/router or router/switch

Specify internet connection via service provider (cable, fiber, dial-up?)

Include six (6) end nodes (desktop computers) and the networked printer

Note the type of cable media used between the switch and end nodes (be specific)

Label all items (brand and model names are acceptable but not required)

Save your diagram as an image (.jpg or .jpeg) and insert this image into your Word document with the written description


Detail a security solution. Is this a hardware firewall, software, or both?

Diagramming software:

Gliffy: (Links to an external site.)

Use network images: to access, select More Shapes (bottom left menu) > Network > Business

Gliffy User Manual.

Reference no: EM131041870

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