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Question: Navigate to the website of Johnson & Johnson and locate the most recent annual reports. You will use the annual reports to create financial statements. These statements will become the reference statements for your case. Annual reports for JNJ can be found on the company's website and are usually located in a section titled Investors/SEC filings.

• Use the annual report to find the total current assets and total current liabilities.

• Compute the current ratio for JNJ for previous two fiscal years

• Review reports on data for the last two years.

• Net Cash Flows from Operating Activities

• Net Cash used by Investing Activities

• Net Cash used by Financing Activities

• Cash and Cash Equivalents at the end of the Years

• Create a Balance Sheet or Statement of Cash Flows for most recent two years

• Identify trends with an indication of if the financial statements show a positive or negative for the organization and investors.

1. Use Microsoft Excel to create at least three (3) graphical displays to show the trends (i.e., bar graph, pivot table, histogram, etc). You should include a copy of your graphs in the body of your report.

2. Discusses which year Johnson & Johnson appear to be in a stronger financial position and big differences between the 2 years (Keep in mind that dollar amounts in ( ) are negative or cash outflows).

3. Imagine that this information represents information for your project case. Incorporate or reference financial information in your case to support the report.

4. Summarize your responses in a report using titles from the assignment requirements (i.e., assets and liabilities, cash flows/balance sheet, trends, financial position)

Reference no: EM132281009

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