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Creat a class that saves the grades of students in an array, and contains a few methods that do some statistics on these grades. Your task is to create this class, and create client testing class that does all the necessary tests of its methods.

Following is a more detailed description of the class.

class Statistics:

1. Has an array of int called grades with capacity 10. The grades' values range between

0 and 100.

2. Has one constructor that takes an array of int as a parameter and assigns it to the field


3. Has a method getAverage with the following header:

public float getMean()

The method returns the mean (average) of the grades in the array

4. Has a method getMaxGrade():

public int getMaxGrade()

That returns the maximum grade in the array

5. Has a method getMinGrade():

public int getMinGrade()

That returns the minimum grade in the array

6. Has a method getMedian():

public int getMedian()

That returns the median grade in the array


class TestStatistics:

Is a client class that tests all methods in class Statistics.

Reference no: EM13167749

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