Court skeptical of climate case against epa

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Find two recent newspaper articles that are topically related to the subjects:

1. CALIFORNIA JOURNAL; Christians, yes, but fired anyway

2. U.S. News: Court Skeptical of Climate Case Against EPA --- Rule on power plants' carbon emissions needs to be completed before a challenge, judges say

First Amendment I (Guarantees the freedoms of religion, speech, and the press and the rights to assemble peaceably and to petition the government.) and Administrative law regulations.Summarize the points of the articles, demonstrate how the articles connect to as many laws, policies, and formulate an opinion on the issue. You should use IRAC analyses: IRAC= Issue, rule, Analysis and conclusion.

1. Write a brief summary of the articles in your own words. Include who, what, where, when, why and how. A sample analysis of two articles

2. Give your opinion on the issue or issues.

3. Your entire paper (on both articles) should be between 850 - 1000 words, about 4 pages total, double spaced. Please use 12 point type.

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Reference no: EM13711094

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