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What is the most important lesson this course has taught you about science or technology? Which specific ideas or arguments from the authors we have read have taught you this lesson? Exactly why do you consider this lesson an important one? Use examples from one or more of our assigned readings to document the extent to which you have used your work in this course "to think critically about contemporary technology issues....and to learn to accept the social responsibilities of educated citizens in a global technological society" (p. xiv).

Reference no: EM131032306

Discuss why technology continuum is of critical importance

Discuss why the Technology Continuum is of critical importance to students of business. If a business person said “who cares” what would you think about working in their organ

Confused with control in behavioral or manipulative sense

Traditionally theorist suggest that the managerial function of controlling should not be confused with control in the behavioral or manipulative sense. This function does not

Major consulting firm

For this week, discuss your thoughts on the following ethical dilemma: You work in HR at a major consulting firm and one of the consultants comes to you and says that he can

Expected value of total monthly cost for your bakery

You are planning to open a bakery that specializes in cupcakes. You know that the variable cost to make one cupcake is $0.50 and you expect to sell them for $3.00 each. The lo

Work without asking the expertise of their art designers

The managers of an advertising company are not asking art designers to revise their own work but the managers themselves do the revision of the art work without asking the exp

What is the importance of the medical conditions list

What is the importance of the Medical Conditions List? How should the Medical Conditions List be used? Are there precautions Ambulance supplies should take when using the Medi

Examples of events that show the violence between the two

It said that from the 7th century up until the attacks on the World Trade Center, there's always been a lot of hatred between the west and Islam. If you think it's true, then

Operating agreement provided for super majority

James Williford, Patricia Mosser, Marquetta Smith, and Michael Floyd formed Bluewater Logistics, LLC, to bid on construction contracts. The operating agreement provided for a


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