Counseling and sexual orientation

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CASE: Counseling and Sexual Orientation

1. Statement of the Case

You are the best (more knowledgeable and experienced) psychologist-counselor-in a relatively small town. You also happen to be a hard core fundamentalist Christian who is horrified by the prevalence of homosexual behaviors and gay culture. One day, a gay client, referred to you by a colleague of yours who had been unsuccessful treating this client, knocks at your door for your services. Due to your long practice experience, you realize that, if you were to accept this person as a client, you will be subjected to listening to him talking, in a detailed manner, about his/her gay/lesbian practices, behaviors and commitment to the promotion of the gay/lesbian cause. This prospect triggers off a moral dilemma for you.

Now, should you accept this person as your client or not? If you turn him/her down, account in an ethical way, for your refusal, bearing in mind that you're really the only good and effective psychologist in this town which is 30 miles away from the closest city where alternatives to your services are available. If you decide to receive him/her as your client, how would you deal with him/her. But first, explain your decision. Second, what will you be guided by in whichever course of action you choose?

2. Instructions

1. Use the AJ Method in this case.

2. Provide a one-page abstract-called Executive Summary---of your ethical basis (moral theories and principles and the way you will use them to make your point) for moral decision-making in this case.

3. Finally, then argue, in an essay format, your way to moral-decision making in light of the above-
mentioned method (AJ).

4. End notes and references should come at the end of the paper. Use MLA style (get a sample from the front desk in the library).

5. Length of the case: 6 pages (5 pages of text plus 1 page of bibliography, and end-notes). Don't forget your reference page too.

Note one page of chart is included in the 6 pages.

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Reference no: EM13873822

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