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Describe how the launch was executed The costs of many prescription drugprescription drug regulations can be calculated in? dollars, but the benefits often are in terms of lives saved? (mortality) or decreases in the incidence of a particular diseasedisease ?(morbidity). What does this imply about the? cost-benefit analysis of prescription drugprescription drug ?regulations? A. Since the benefits of these regulations are not in dollar? terms, a? cost-benefit analysis cannot be done. B. Since these are government? regulations, a? cost-benefit analysis is not needed because the government acts independent of such analysis. C. We must first translate the mortality and morbidity data into dollars in order to compare it to the costs of the regulations. D. Since the costs are incurred by the government and the benefits are enjoyed by the? consumer, such an analysis is meaningless.

Reference no: EM131426652

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