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A particular item has demand of 3000 units per year. The cost of one procurement is Rs. 100 and the holding cost per unit is Rs. 2.40 per year. The replenishment is instantaneous and no shortages are allowed.


(i) the economic order quantity

(ii) the number of orders per year

(iii) the time between orders and

(iv) the optimum cost per year

Reference no: EM13904767

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Let's work on an example of calculating Marginal Costs. The book describes Marginal Costs as the additional cost incurred when the output is increased by one unit. However, so

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Why model something that does not exist

Why Model Something That Does Not Exist? The purely competitive firm does not exist in the real world anymore having disappeared in the USA by the early 1930's at the latest.

Fracking for gas and oil expands

Explain how each of the following will affect the economy, by analyzing each case in an SRAS-AD diagram and determine in each case the effects on real GDP and the general pric

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If the company issues debt to finance the project what would be the value of the company. What would be the value of the levered equiy.


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