Cost of common equity financing using gordon model

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Last year the black water inc. paid dividends $3.68. Company's dividends are expected to grow at an annual rate of 5% forever. The company's common stock is currently selling on the market for $84.28. The investments banker will charge flotation costs $2.67 per share. Calculate the cost of common equity financing using Gordon Model.

Round the answer to two decimal places in percentage form.

Reference no: EM131419892

The inertial forces can be neglected

As a consultant, you are required to design a swing set of a child whose mass is kg. The diameter of the wire used for constructing the links of the chain is 5 mm. Deter

What is the total cost of ordering and carrying inventory

What is the economic ordering quantity? How many orders will be placed during the year? What will the average inventory be? What is the total cost of or

What is the yield that trevor would earn by selling

Trevor Price bought 10-year bonds issued by Harvest Foods five years ago for $934.21. The bonds make semiannual coupon payments at a rate of 8.4 percent. If the current pric

What is the common size percentage for the net fixed assets

A firm has inventory of $11,000, accounts payable of 9,800, cash of 850, net fixed assets of 12,150, long term debt of 9,500, accounts receivable of 6,600, and total equity

What is the target variable cost per unit

A company thinks it can sell 30,000 of its proposed satellite radio at a price of $350 each. There will be annual fixed costs associated with developing, marketing, and manu

What other financial information should have appeare on pafr

What other financial information should have appeared on the PAFR? After reviewing the jurisdiction's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), in what ways was the PAFR b

How much money do you have in the account

You just won $25,000 in the lottery. You decide you want to buy a sportscar. You don't want to buy the car now but want to wait for 5 years when you will be 25 and your i

Calculate the dollar amount that sureway venture investors

A. Calculate the dollar amount that SureWay venture investors would lend to Jerry’s Tree Services. B. What would be the dollar amount of the loan if the loan is made for only


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