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Brian is the 99% shareholder, president, and director of Arapine Corp. He frequently uses the corporation credit card for his personal expenses. If Arapine is insolvent and unable to pay its debts, and the corporation’s creditors sue Brian personally, what is the likely result? Brian is liable because he is a 99% shareholder. Brian is liable if he, as president, made the contracts with the creditors. Brian is liable because the court will pierce the corporate veil Brian will not be liable.

Reference no: EM13997309

The inverse demand in cournot dupoly

The inverse demand in a Cournot dupoly is P=a-b(Q1+Q2) and costs are c1(Q1)=c1Q1,and C2(Q2)=c2Q2. The government has imposed a per unit tax of $t on each unit sold by each fir

Consider restricting foreign investment

Because real investment by foreigners expands a country’s capital stock and hence presumably its output and income, why should any country consider restricting foreign investm

Per-carton-tax relative to the absence of the tax

The demand for cartons of cigarettes is Q = 1200 – 10P and the supply of cartons of cigarettes is Q = 20P.  Suppose the federal government levies a $10 per-carton-tax on selle

Find the firms marginal rate of technical substitution

A firm uses labor and capital to produce output according to the production function q=100KL, where L is the number of units of labor used and K is the number of machines. Wha

Income differences for the basic monocentric city model

Describe the implication of income differences for the basic monocentric city model? What are the key factors in the model that determine where lower and higher income househo

Federal reserve wants to keep aggregate demand

If the Federal Reserve wants to keep aggregate demand (i.e. spending growth) stable, what will it do to the growth rate of money supply when a lot of good news comes out about

Demand for product comes from two types of customers

A firm has estimated that the demand for its product comes from two types of customers, type I and type II. Each type I customer -there are 30 of them- has a demand curve give

What is the future value of the total revenue

A major defence supplier expects to generate additional revenue from its recently won government contract. The company expects the revenue will be $110 million in the first ye


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