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Scott Investors, Inc., is considering the purchase of a $360,000 computer with an economic life of five years. The computer will be fully depreciated over five years using the straight-line method. The market value of the computer will be $60,000 in five years. The computer will replace five office employees whose combined annual salaries are $105,000. The machine will also immediately lower the firm’s required net working capital by $80,000. This amount of net working capital will need to be replaced once the machine is sold. The corporate tax rate is 34 percent. The appropriate discount rate is 12 percent.

Calculate the NPV of this project.

Reference no: EM13723002

Determine the yield of the bond

A 9.25% coupon bond issued by Gurley Gears LLC is purchased January 1, 2010 and matures December 31, 2018. The purchase price is $1079 and interest (the coupon) is paid semi-a

What should be its price in the bond market

If a corporate bond with a face value of $1,000 has 24 years to go until it matures, has a coupon interest rate of 5.7% and a yield to maturity (YTM) of 4.201%, what should be

What is the market value of the company debt

Bennington Industrial Machines issued 136,000 zero coupon bonds five years ago. The bonds originally had 30 years to maturity with a yield to maturity of 6.6 percent. Interest

Proceeds out of the insureds gross estate

It is often desirable to keep life insurance death proceeds out of the insured’s estate for tax reasons. Which of the following describe(s) a necessary condition for keeping t

Take care of the maintenance of the equipment

A contractor estimates that maintenance on a new piece of equipment will be $275 for the first month and it will increase by 0.5% each month afterwards. However, the contracto

The firm accept if the payback period is three years

Which projects will the firm accept if the payback period is three years? Which projects will the firm accept if the discounted payback period is three years? (Show math) What

Fixed rate mortgage to buy new home

You need a 30-year fixed rate mortgage to buy a new home for $290,000. Your mortgage bank will lend you the money at a 5.85 percent APR for this 360-month loan. However, you c

Dividend is expected to grow at constant rate

Hart Enterprises is expected to pay a $0.50 per share dividend one quarter from today. The quarterly dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate of 1% per quarter. Suppose


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