Corporate social responsibility and global citizenship

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Global Citizenship

Define corporate social responsibility (CSR) in your own words. Once you have defined CSR, conduct research on your favorite Fortune 500 company and determine just how (or if) the company ranks from a CSR perspective. Provide the name of the company and a link to at least one reference from your research. Do your findings change the way you will support the company in the future?Respond to at least one of your classmates. How do you think the company your classmate selected could improve its CSR? Provide at least one strategy and reason why you chose it.

Reference no: EM132184997

Describe the regulatory impacts of the project

Plan an event to launch the development of a new car. This event should involve all stakeholders including, but not limited to: Business Need: Describe the business need/requi

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Dave Fletcher, the general manager of North Carolina Engineering Corporation (NCEC), Using this data, develop a regression equation for predicting the level of demand of NCEC'

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The MPS calls for 110 units of Product A. There are currently 60 of Product A on hand. Each A requires two of Part B. There are 30 units of B available. (a) Calculate the net

What implications regarding personal-cultural-societal value

The Translational Genomics Research Institute (T-Gen), located in Phoenix, Arizona, has developed a procedure using genetic testing to identify the underlying biological defec

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Evaluate how a change initiative creates the conditions of high efficiency for an organization through clarity and focus. What are the benefits of clarity and focus in chang

Organizational culture in global business expansion

The role of national and organizational culture in global business expansion. -Reflection on the possible uses for a manager in the areas of international business or global s

Should government be run like a business

Should government be run like a business? Why or Why not? From the readings and Instructor Insights, describe how public or nonprofit management and business management are al

Any forecasted surpluses or shortages for this position

This chapter’s Develop Your Skills feature contains numerous Web addresses for different labor supply forecasts. Working alone, use these and any other relevant resources to f


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