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Money Machine, a Fortune 1000 company, has decided that it must do more to safeguard the health and safety of its employees. It has identified activities that are unhealthy and cause not only injury and illness among employees but also an increase in the company’s health care costs. So Money Machine has issued an official company policy stating that the following activities are prohibited for employees, both on and off duty, both on company property and anywhere else. Here are several of the provisions of the policy. 1. No employee will smoke cigarettes at any time or in any place. If, after a random drug test, tobacco is found in the employee’s system, the employee will be terminated immediately. 2. No employee will ride a motorcycle or any other motorized vehicle with fewer than four wheels and speed capacities over 30 MPH. Any employee found to be in violation of this policy will be terminated immediately. 3. No employee will weigh in excess of 110% of the top range of that employee’s recommended BMI (according to company health officials). Quarterly weigh-ins are and any employee neglecting the weigh-in or in violation of this policy will be placed on probation for one quarter. Failure to meet the standard for an employee currently on probation will result in immediate termination.

Relevant data:

• Money Machine is located in an Employment At Will state.

• Similar policies with other companies have been challenged five times in At Will states (including Money Machine’s) and the respective company’s right to enforce the policy has been upheld every time.


• Do you believe that Money Machine’s policy inconsistent with Corporate Social Responsibility and Due Process?

• Defend your answer with class materials (text, Video Lecture, assigned readings, etc.).

• This final point depends on your answer to the first bullet point above o If you answered the first point “Yes,” how could Money Machine revise this policy so as to improve its CSR and Due Policy practices? o If you answered the first point (No,” how could M.

Reference no: EM132280868

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