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Discussion Topic: Corporate Governance

Stakeholder theory states that many types of groups depend on the fiduciary duties of the company’s management (i.e. employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, etc.). You will use concepts learned in this Discussion to address your assignments. Go to the Kaplan Library, which can be accessed through the home area of the course room, and find an article on Corporate Governance. Include the title, author, and cite any short quote used appropriately making sure to include the reference using APA citation and reference style.

Discuss in your own words: How is corporate governance defined?

What are the essential components of corporate governance and how does it affect the workplace environment?

In your response, discuss how corporate governance shapes the ethical climate of a company. What components of corporate governance have you experienced in your professional career?

What red flags would be a signal of poor corporate governance?

Reference no: EM13992135

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