Corals obtain energy from tiny photosynthetic algae

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Corals obtain energy from tiny photosynthetic algae, called zooxanthellae, which live inside the coral's tissue. How do you think corals would be affected by cloudy, muddy water? 

Reference no: EM131017267

The f1 generation consisted of wild-type males and females

In Drosophila a cross was made between a yellow-bodied male with vestigial (not fully developed) wings and a wild-type female (brown body). The F1 generation consisted of wild

Muscle cells produce in addition to contraction

What are the three things that muscle cells produce in addition to contraction? Give examples. Describe the steps in the contraction of a muscle cell from the nerve impulse to

How ecosystem affected by a decline in fungi species

Throughout much of Europe, there has been a severe decline in mushroom population. On study plots in Holland, data collected since 1912 indicate that the number of mushroom sp

Explain why the negative feedback mechanism does not work

In Grave's Disease, hyperthyroidism is produced by an IgG that causes prolonged activation of the TSH receptors and results in excessive secretion of T3 and T4.  Explain why

How many turns of alpha helix must be added

your hair is composedof protein known as keratins that have an alpha helix- like fibrous structure. the alpha helix-structure has approximately 3.6 amion acids per turn of o

What proportion is estimated to be heterozygous

A large population of rabbits has been allowed to breed randomly for a number of generations. After several generations, 49% of them display the recessive trait for a certai

Preventing the binding of substrate

What inhibitor binds directly to the active site as shown, preventing the binding of substrate. The substrate andinhibitor thus "compete" for the active site of the enzyme?

What type of blood does patient one have

What type of blood does patient 1 have? List ALL blood types that can be given to a patient with the type of blood that patient 1 has. List ALL blood types that can be given t


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