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1. As part of their segmentation efforts, marketing managers know that their cookware are generic in nature and therefore they are going to adopt a price based product strategy rather than a/an ____________ based product strategy.

A. optional

B. defensive

C. attribute

D. push

2. Pulling together a group of "like minded" consumers for their reaction to a proposed product change, would involve a formation of:

A. a focus group

B. a primary research effort

C. a discrete research committee

D. a proprietary data panel

3. Mazda has developed an aluminum car structure that is 100% recyclable and light enough to conserve fuel for motorists. What type of action/response is this for mazda?

A. proactive in nature

B. reactive in nature

C. subliminal in nature

D. sustainable in nature.

Reference no: EM13255032

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