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In general, which is true of the conversational styles of men and women?

A. Men seek to connect to others in conversation.

B. Women try to minimize differences with others.

C. Women are more likely to speak bluntly.

D. Men seek to build consensus.

Nowadays, a typical family is

A. a mother, father and two children.

B. a single parent and three children.

C. a childless couple.

D. there is no such thing as a typical family anymore.

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Which is not a factor in the rising rate of people who decide to remain single?

A. More people choosing to focus on their education/career

B. The rising rate of cohabitation

C. Increasing employment opportunities for women make them less dependent on a husband for financial security

D. A desire not to have children

Which is not a benefit of cohabitation?

A. Shared costs

B. Intimacy

C. Family benefits like health insurance

D. A chance to test compatibility before marriage

Reference no: EM13269020

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