Controversy and issue regarding abnormal psychology
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For this discussion, you will enter into another conversation on an ongoing controversy and contemporary issue regarding abnormal psychology. Specifically, what is the role of &ldquobig pharma&rdquo (i.e., major pharmaceutical companies that determine the ways in which health care issues are researched and publicized) in the diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology?

It is absolutely essential to read the article by Shulz (2004) and watch the Generation RX video because they provide insights into how issues regarding psychotropic medication are depicted in popular media. Be sure to read your instructor & rsquos initial post before responding.

As you enter into this conversation, carefully consider the historical information you reviewed regarding big pharma&rsquos impact and influence within abnormal psychology. Take a moment to relate this historical background to the current ethical, clinical, and social implications when considering the use of psychotropic medication for the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Interpret specific symptoms and syndromes from big pharma&rsquos advertising campaigns and critically evaluate and comment upon the necessity of these medications for the indicated psychiatric disorders.


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The branch of psychology which basically deals with the study of unusual behavioral pattern or psychopathology and abnormal behavior, is called Abnormal Psychology. Wide range of disorders is involved in it, including obsession-compulsion, depression, sexual deviation, etc. To understand the topic, it is essential to understand what it means by Abnormal.It is those behaviors which are out of the normal trend or actions. Such type of conditions is mostly observed in adults and elderly people. In Abnormal Psychology, instead of focusing on the difference between its normality and abnormality, more emphasis should be given to its cause and the level of disruption and distress (Barlow, & Durand, 2011). This will help in understanding the root cause of the issue and then only there can an appropriate medical intervention which will help in its treatment.


Science of abnormal psychology distinguish behavior into two types,
• Adaptive behaviors – These are those which come with time and level of abnormality.

• Maladaptive behaviors – Such behaviors are assumed to be there within which comes out. They are believed to be existing always within.

Numerous perspectives are used in abnormal psychology, some focus on a set of behaviors while other psychologist considers a set of perspective. People us3e various methods and ways for treating the patients suffering from this disorder. Some keep them in Asylums where they are been treated in a homely manner under the supervision of experts while others treat them at home with medication and rehabilitation. Supernatural traditions define abnormal psychology as the act of evil spirits which later on was discouraged in the society.

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