Controversial issue related to law enforcement profiling

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Discuss the controversial issue related to law enforcement profiling, and be sure to include the drug courier profile, U.S. Supreme Court rulings, and the mose significant criticism of drug-courier profiling methods.

Reference no: EM131366671

About the remark about religion

Write a memo to your employer on two pages or less on the following issue: You’ve been advised that your company’s Senior Account Manager has been forwarding emails complainin

Llustrate what do you think should be done

Teacher has turned to you as vice principal in charge of discipline. Illustrate what do you think should be done. Write your comments in a 1750 to 2850 word paper. Be sure t

Strategic groups in the soft drink industry

Using the value curve model, map the strategic groups in the soft drink industry. What groups are there other than the two dominant companies? How do they compete relative t

What are the major modes of transportation

What are the major modes of transportation, and why are each of these modes important to the current and future success of the tourism industry? Your essay response must be a

Different terms and conditions with no mention of price

James and Barbra Smith were negotiating to buy a house. Their offer was for $180,000. On June 6th The Smiths received a counteroffer from the seller containing different terms

Principle that holds that b cannot simply sue a

what is the name of the principle that holds that B cannot simply sue A for breach, but must first make a reasonable attempt to find someone else to perform as A was suppose

What about people located in the same building

What are some other issues that come from having team members located on two continents? Do you think the team would have the same problems if its members were located on the

Medical research-what are ethical and legal issues here

Joaquin was hired as a senior researcher for a medical research facility. His department has been developing a new medical device to detect HIV faster and cheaper, and the fac


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