Controversial issue related to law enforcement profiling

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Discuss the controversial issue related to law enforcement profiling, and be sure to include the drug courier profile, U.S. Supreme Court rulings, and the mose significant criticism of drug-courier profiling methods.

Reference no: EM131366671

Evaluate good-poor examples of advertising-personal selling

Evaluate good and poor examples of Advertising, PR, personal selling, sales promotion, or direct and online marketing. What role can human resource professionals play in strat

About the united states postal service

Do you think Amazon really wants to develop this delivery business or do you think they are using the threat to do so to aid their negotiations with FedEx, UPS and the United

Provides strategies for multi-national enterprises

The Integration-Responsive Framework provides strategies for multi-national enterprises (MNEs) to deal with issues of cost reduction and local responsiveness. Research and fin

American nightmare-neoliberalism and neoconservatism

Review the article “American Nightmare: Neoliberalism, Neoconservatism, and De-Democratization” in this week’s Learning Resources. Reflect on the various meanings of democracy

Business when it comes to cloud-based services

What do you consider to be the biggest threat to a business when it comes to cloud-based services? Which type of service does it impact? Why do you feel that's the biggest ris

Customer satisfaction rate and deliver performance

As an investor in Amazon, how would you perceive this developing strategy? Customer Satisfaction rate: Amazon need to measure the customer satisfaction rate. Deliver performan

Marketing analysis and strategy final

Your final will consist of a written marketing plan for a non-profit organization or a small business that you have some contact or relationship with. the person within the or

Computerized billing system for small physician prac­tices

What method of sales force organization would be most appropriate for: (a) a national company that sells a computerized billing system for small physician prac­tices, and (b)


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