Control costs by not giving cost-of living adjustments

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You are required to find out win- win solutions of the belowmentioned scenarios.

· Management wants to control costs by not giving cost-ofliving adjustments in the upcoming year. The employee group believes that a cost of living adjustment is absolutely necessary.

· The marketing team claims it could sell 250000 units of atoaster large enough to toast bagels if the toasters could be produced at Rs.15 per unit.The manufacturing group says it would not be feasible to the manufacturing costsbelow Rs. 20 per unit.

· The sales team is facing problem that one of its majorclients has not made payment of the goods taken on credit. Now they are placing one moreorder but management can not approve credit to this customer because ofslow-payment record. Suggest how a win-win solution for both parties can beachieved.

Reference no: EM13338449

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