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1. The mission of Aravind is "Eliminate needless blindness, providing compassionate & high quality eye care to all". However, providing health care for all can be expensive: in Europe represents 9% of the GDP and could rise to 20% in a few years. As the alternatives are worsening the quality of health care, or improving it efficiency, please identify the operational keys to cost efficiency at Aravind, and discuss how these can be applied to other health care providers.

2. Aravind is non-for-profit organization. Could a for-profit approach be more effective in contributing to Aravind's mission?

3. The cost of cataracts surgery is $300 in India and between $2500 and $3000 in the USA. What steps can be taken to ensure low-cost
high-quality eye care in the USA (and other developed countries)? Will it ever reach the mass market vs. only the poor?

4. What and how did he learn by using McDonald's and Ford as exemplars?

Reference no: EM131391510

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