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Company name is Himalay Craft Rugs. We are going to import rugs from Nepal to USA. Our main vendor is Kumari Enterprise Inc. It is one of the most popular carpet manufacturers in Carpet industries in Nepal. Kumari Rugs are manufactured by Tibetan and Nepalese artisans in Nepal and designed by innovative American designers. Kumari Enterprise Inc. has a combined 70 years of experience in the Tibetan rug industry ("Kumari Enterprise Inc," 2016).  The rugs are meticulously handcrafted using Himalayan virgin wool and other natural yarns such as silk, hemp, aloe, and bamboo. The yarns are also hand carded and hand spun.

Though there are many Himalayan rugs distributors here in the U.S. and Europe, product of Kumari Enterprise Inc. brings an affordable piece of art from the Himalayas that will decorate US customer’s home. They can even specify their own specific sizes, shapes and the types of yarns they want in it. Our target is market the product as exclusive decor product for middle class and upper class of people in the USA.

Compare and contrast your product and the competition’s product(s)

1. Competitor’s product(s)

a. Brand name

b. Features

c. Package

2. Competitor’s prices

3. Competitor’s promotion and advertising Methods

4. Competitor’s distribution channels.

Reference no: EM131230953

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