Contrast the various levels of distribution intensity

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1) Compare and contrast the various levels of distribution intensity. Provide two specific examples of products/services that are distributed at each level of distribution intensity and explain the rationale behind the chosen distribution intensity.

2) Identify a successful retail business in your community. What marketing strategies have been employed by the business and have led to its success? In your answer, be sure to address the four variables of the marketing mix and how your chosen business has managed each variable. What changes (if any) would you recommend and why?

3) How can a company create an atmosphere on its website? Visit the pages of two of your favorite retailers to see if they have been able to re-create the store atmosphere on the Internet. How have they done so? What changes would you recommend to improve the atmosphere of the websites?

Reference no: EM131429179

Share your thoughts about whether complexity

Share your thoughts about whether “complexity” is a waste or not? Explain your logic for your answer. Also explain how can you deal with complexity within and outside your org

Three ships winery produces two different wine blends

Three Ships Winery produces two different wine blends. A batch of the Dark Night blend uses 4 tons of malbec grapes and 2 tons of merlot grapes. A batch of the Morning Star bl

Should investigate before making a final decision

What are the key factors that the owner should investigate before making a final decision? What trade-offs would there be in opening one additional site versus opening sever

Analyze the dimensions of quality for proper application

Using the project you have selected, create a Power Point presentation for your colleagues to describe how you would define the output of theproject in terms of these eight di

Prices at amusement parks might rise

Prices at amusement parks might rise if operations such as Disney and Universal Studios add new attractions. The parks also have to deal with high fuel prices. List as many th

To accomplish successful re positioning of the brand

To accomplish a successful repositioning of the brand, Taco Bell needed to inform its consumers that Taco Bell food should be thought of as an experience rather than as just f

What is super security ethical responsibility

Super Security Co. offers a range of security services for athletes and entertainers. Each type of service is considered within a separate department. Marc Pincus, the overall

In what way could the huge cultural diversity

In what way could the huge cultural diversity in South Africa pose challenges for MNCs seeking to set up a business there? How is South African culture different from or simil


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