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Anthropologists are interested in framing broad hypotheses about human behavior. In order to do this, it is imperative to use examples from multiple cultures to ensure that their conclusions are not grounded in a single case.

In this assignment, you will be taking on the role of an ethnologist, using multiple ethnographic accounts to study human behavior and culture.

Do the following:

• Identify two to three societies to compare, such as an African society (for example, Ethiopian, Liberian, etc.), Indian, Chinese, Korean, or one of the many Native American groups (for example, the Cherokee, the Inuit, etc.).

• Choose one aspect of human culture discussed in the course:

o Domestic life and kinship
o Subsistence and economy
o Religion
o Culture change

Using the module readings, Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, write a research paper to include the following:

• Describe the background information of each of the societies you have chosen. You need not analyze this background information, only provide details regarding these societies.

• Analyze the aspect of human culture you selected for each of the societies.

• Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the societies in relation to the topic you chose-for example, standard of living, education, or employment opportunities.

• Summarize and address human behavior in relation to your topic and based on your examples.

o Address the realities of life for the cultures you have examined.
o Examine some of the social problems and public policy issues that become apparent.
o Write an introduction of the topic you chose and describe why it is relevant to anthropology.
o Write background information on the 2-3 societies.
o Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the societies in relation to the topic you chose.
o Summarize and discuss human behavior in relation to your topic and based on your examples.

Reference no: EM13724309

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