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3. The rooms forecast committee is scheduled to meet later this afternoon. You have been asked to prepare remarks on group no-shows. Contrast the likelihood of no-shows for (a) business groups, (b) tour groups, and (c) convention groups. How would your remarks differ if the group reservation had been made by (a) the vice president of engineering, (b) an incentive travel company, or (c) a professional convention management company?

4. The room's forecast is a tool for managers throughout the hotel; it is not for the front office alone. List and discuss how several other non-room departments (housekeeping, food and beverage, ect.) would use the rooms forecast.

5. A chain's corporate office launches a national campaign advertising its policy of honoring every reservation. Each property is notified that overbooking will not be tolerated. What policies can be implemented at the hotel level to meet corporate goals and still generate the maximum occupancies on which professional careers are built?

6. Two hours before the noon check-out hour, a walk-in party requests five rooms. The following scrambled data have just been completed as part of the desk's hourly update. Should the front-office supervisor accept the walk-ins?

General no-show factor= 10%
Rooms in hotel= 693
Group reservations due (rooms)= 250
Rooms occupied last night= 588
Total reservations expected today from all sources (including group rooms)= 360
No-show factor for groups= 2%
Under-stays minus over-stays as a percentage of rooms occupied= 8%
Early arrivals expected= 2
Rooms that are out of inventory= 7
Total forecasted departures for the day= 211

Reference no: EM13318682

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