Contrast techniques for estimating project time and cost

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Compare and contrast techniques for estimating project time and cost. Discuss this topic in the context of any personal or professional projects that you were involved with, or may manage in future. How did you estimate project time and cost? How will use these estimation techniques in your future projects.

Reference no: EM131033667

How do you determine the bottleneck of the process

How do you determine the bottleneck of the process? (activities 4 and 5 can be done in parallel) How do you determine what is the utilization of server 2? Assume demand= bottl

Reduce stereotyping and prejudice

A diversity awareness consultant submits a proposal to a company that wants to reduce stereotyping and prejudice. “Our training will prevent the activation of stereotypes and

About explain how many runs per year would there be

About explain how many runs per year would there be. Explain how much could business save annually if setup cost could be reduced to $25 per run.

Pros and cons of matrix organization for project management

Discuss the pros and cons of a matrix organization for project management. As a project manager, what types of things would you need to do well in order for your project to wo

A transactional relationship with suppliers

Many organizations face remaining in a transactional purchasing environment for one reason or another. What advantages are presented with a transactional relationship with s

What law was violated

What law was violated or what ethical situation occurred in the article? Explain. Who was responsible for this violation? What do you think was the underlying cause of this vi

Indian managerial style and human resource practices

Typically, when international firms enter the Indian market, they quickly learn about the various ways in which a rigid caste system can affect business activities. Do you thi

On average how many applicants are in the agency

Applicants walk into a government agency at an average rate of 20 per hour. On average there are 5 applicants waiting in line to be served and on average it takes 15 minutes t


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