Contrast mechanistic and organic organizations

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1. "The primary means of sustaining a competitive advantage is to adjust faster to the environment than your competitors do." Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your position.

2. What types of planning do you do in your personal life? Describe these plans in terms of being (a) strategic or operational, (b) short term or long term, (c) specific or directional, and (d) single-use or standing.

3. Discuss what is meant by the term organization design.

4. Contrast mechanistic and organic organizations.

5. Do you think it's ethical for a prospective employer to delve into an applicant's life by means of interview, test and background investigations? What if those investigations involved looking at your Facebook page or personal blogs? Explain your position.

6. Discuss the advantages and drawbacks of the various recruiting sources.

7. Describe Lewin's three-step change process. How is it different from the change process needed in the whitewater rapids metaphor of changes?

8. Organizations typically have limits to how much change they can absorb. As a manager, what signs would you look for that might suggest your organization has exceeded its capacity to change?

9.How do you link the "Historical" theories of the past and weave a coherent strategy of how you want to be a manager?

Write a minimum of two paragraphs for each question.

Reference no: EM131206057

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