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As health care leaders, it is important to understand that health care is quite a dynamic field.  Its constant changes are a result of continuing trends in regulation, policy, patient and provider advocacy efforts, as well as increasingly sophisticated technology and industry benchmarking guidelines.  Review the possible topics for your Senior Project prompt in Week Five, and decide what topic your training will address.  If you choose not to select a topic from the approved topic list, you must have your original topic approved by your instructor prior to submitting this assignment.

For this assignment, assess the contemporary trends in health care and be sure to include all of the following: 

  1. Changes in client characteristics
  2. Regulation of the health care industry
  3. Reimbursement patterns and mandates
  4. Restructuring of health care organizations
  5. Impact of technology
  6. Ongoing social and ethical factors

Address the information above as it pertains to your selected topic, in an 8 to 10 slide PowerPoint presentation.  Additionally, your presentation should cover the following concerns: Overall, why should health care managers be aware of these changes and trends?  How will each of these trends impact the specific topic that you will address?

The information in this presentation will later be used as part of your Senior Project to set the context for the audience you select for your training program.  Your presentation must include detailed speaker's notes for each slide as well as a minimum of one to two scholarly sources from the Ashford University Library and one to two current, scholarly web sources.  Examples of scholarly web sources are available in this week's recommended websites.  These sources will also count toward the required sources for your Senior Project.  Your presentation must be engaging and relevant to your audience.  Lines of text on a slide will not be sufficient for this assignment.  It should contain images, graphics, and/or multimedia that communicate your training program clearly to your audience.  For tips on creating an excellent presentation, read this overview.

Reference no: EM13799900

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