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Unit VI Case Study 
Several years ago, the Major League Baseball players'' association went on strike in September, just before the World  Series started. The players'' contracts expired at the beginning of the season (May), but they held off the strike until  September when they would lose only one-sixth of their salaries. In contrast, a September strike would hurt the owners  financially because they earn a larger portion of their revenue during the playoffs. As one player explained: "If we strike  next spring, there''s nothing stopping [the club owners] from letting us go until next June or July because they don''t have  that much at stake." 
Use your knowledge of the sources and contingencies of power to explain why the MLB baseball players'' association had  more power in negotiations by walking out in September rather than March.  Cite the text to support your ideas in an essay with a minimum of 300 words in APA format. 

Reference no: EM13819357

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