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Question 1 What might a member of a professional organization be doing when they refer to the organization's code of ethics?

Question 2 How is "compromise" defined in the context of information technology and information security?

Question 3 What is a cyberstalker?

Question 4 Using any of several different tools (Online White pages, Peoplefinders, Wink People Finder, etc.) someone has found your name and address. What other information would be needed in order for them to access your ONLINE bank account or credit card account records?

Question 5 True or false? The Digital Millennium Copyright Act governs behavior of internet service providers but does not affect individuals on the internet.

Question 6 Would the following behavior most likely be a violation of an employee code of conduct?

Question 7 Medical records are protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Can your medical records be made available to others who request this information (employers, insurance companies, other doctors)?

Question 8 Unsolicited e-mail messages sent from advertisers or cyber criminals are

Question 9 Which of the following is good practice to ensure that you do not get malware on your computer from an online source?


Question 10

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Which of the following statements are true regarding PII? Select True or False for each option.

PII is information that uniquely identifies you in records that can be obtained online.

PII is always used to illegally gain access to your online records.

PII is safe because only you have this combination of name, social security number, and bank account, credit card numbers, or driver's license number.

Question 11 Which option here would be a way to remember the user IDs and passwords that poses less risk than other options listed.

Question 12 Would the following incident be an example of social engineering/phishing?

You receive an e-mail from the local police department asking you to update your information so that alerts can be sent out to you. The information requested includes your driver's license number and telephone number.

Question 13 Which of the following is the biggest risk of using social networking?

Question 14 True or false? User access agreements (acceptable use policies) generally outline the acceptable uses of IT resources, but seldom mention unacceptable uses.

Reference no: EM13951281

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