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Many of the strategies used in email and content marketing raise legal, ethical, and cultural questions. While some practices are clearly unethical or illegal, others straddle the line, requiring marketers to ask how far they will go—legally and ethically—for a click or conversion. In your initial post, share an example of a specific marketing strategy, approach, or campaign that you believe crosses this line. In your post, explain the following: Why you feel this example is unethical or illegal Potential consequences for the brand and the advertising agency

Reference no: EM132280541

True about an advisory council

Which of the following is true about an advisory council? At an implementation review meeting, the sponsor congratulated the PM, Haley, on meeting the target metric of having

Low income level and high povery incidence

What strategies should Wal-Mart follow to succeed in a market like Africa with its low income level and high povery incidence? Do you think its low-cost model will be successf

Organization-wide incentive programs reward individuals

Unlike individual incentive programs, group and organization-wide incentive programs reward individuals based on group and organization-wide (, and organization-wide performan

Use linear regression to develop an equation

The production manager at company XYZ needs to prepare forecasts of product demand in order to plan for appropriate production quantities. In the past, demand for the produc

How many boxes of lettuce should the supermarket

Past history says that tomorrow's demand for lettuce averages 230 boxes with a standard deviation of 33 boxes. How many boxes of lettuce should the supermarket purchase tomor

Evaluation and control matricies and appendicies

In your final sections, you will need to include the above related info. Metrics allow for measuring your performance and how you will determine if you have met your goals. Su

Use of youtube video to promote its products

Assume you are a consultant to TopSpin, a tennis equipment manufacturerer that sells it products directly to customers on the Web. TopSpin is considering the use of YouTube vi

Was benson bound to the residency agreement

Benson suffered from dementia and chronic confusion. When he became unable to manage his own affairs, including decisions about medical and financial matters, his son Eddie ar


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