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Many of the strategies used in email and content marketing raise legal, ethical, and cultural questions. While some practices are clearly unethical or illegal, others straddle the line, requiring marketers to ask how far they will go—legally and ethically—for a click or conversion. In your initial post, share an example of a specific marketing strategy, approach, or campaign that you believe crosses this line. In your post, explain the following: Why you feel this example is unethical or illegal Potential consequences for the brand and the advertising agency

Reference no: EM132280541

Minimize the sum of annual ordering and carrying costs

A large law firm uses an average of 44 boxes of copier paper a day. The firm operates 264 days a year. Storage and handling costs for the paper are $27 a year per box, and it

How do the concepts of decision making and critical thinking

Provide an example of how an aircraft manufacturer uses EDI and explain its role in the firm. how do the concepts of decision making and critical thinking tie together? Evalua

What is bounded awareness

What is bounded awareness? Does it affect the decision making process? Why or why not? How will you assimilate too much information into useful information? Which bounded awar

Discuss the effects that an impending labor shortage

Discuss the effects that an impending labor shortage might have on the following three sub-functions of human resource management: (a) selection and placement, (b) training an

Create the executive summary for the case study plan

One of your neighbors has just inherited a restaurant in a small town about 75 miles away. They’ve never owned or operated a business before, and know very little about market

Provides management services to music artists

Live Nation operates music venues, provides management services to music artists, and promotes more than 22,000 live music events annually. The company merged with Ticketmaste

Approaching managerial problems and thinking about marketing

Purpose of the Article: State your description of the key issues and/or problems being addressed in the reading. For example, for what managerial problems are new insights or

Employ attribution theory in diverse-multicultural setting

In what ways might managers employ attribution theory in a diverse, multicultural setting? In what ways might employees employ attribution theory as it relates to a diverse, m


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