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Contemporary Project Management - Kloppenborg

Family Disney World Vacation Scope Overview

This project will help the Jones Family a family of 5 go to Disney World by the summer of 2017. The funds will be gathered between all family members since all have jobs. The goal is to fly to Orlando, stay at the Shades of Green, eat at least two full meals a day, see all the parks in 7 days and come home with souvenirs and great memories. The reason for the project is because previously 2 family members didn't schedule properly with their work and 3 didn't give the requested amount of money at certain due dates.

Project Charter: Instructions

For this assignment, you will choose a project and create a project charter. The project you choose may be a real-life work example, a personal example, or a proposed project. You will work with this same project in the Final Project Paper with MS Project Assignment. If you would like to discuss potential project ideas, don't hesitate to contact me.

Your submission should include a title page with your name, date, course name, course reference number, professor name, and project title.
Your project charter should include all of the charter elements shown in Exhibit 4.3 on page 87 of the textbook (The "success criteria" and "lessons learned" elements may be excluded at this time.)

See Exhibit 4.4 on page 92 for an example of the scope overview and business case.
See Exhibit 4.5 on page 93 for an example of the background.
See Exhibit 4.6 on page 94 for an example milestone schedule.
See Exhibit 4.9 on page 96 for an example risk response plan.
See Exhibit 4.10 on page 97 for an example resource section.
See Exhibit 4.11 on page 97 for an example stakeholder list.
See Exhibit 4.12 on page 98 for an example of team operating principles.
See Exhibit 4.14 on page 99 for an example signatures and commitment section.

Project management is an iterative process and things will change as a project moves forward, but be as detailed and specific as you can at this point.

Upload your file as a Word document.

Reference no: EM131086799

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