Contemporary issue regarding abnormal psychology
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For this discussion, you will enter into another conversation on an ongoing controversy and contemporary issue regarding abnormal psychology. Specifically, are there psychological syndromes and symptoms that appear only in certain cultures?

Because this topic is not covered explicitly in your course textbook, it is absolutely essential to read the Wen-Shing (2006) article, guidelines 1, 2 and 5 from the "Guidelines on Multicultural Education, Training, Research, Practice, and Organizational Change for Psychologists," and your instructor's initial post before responding.

As you enter into this conversation, carefully consider the historical information you read regarding the discovery and identification of symptoms and syndromes that could potentially be bound to specific cultures. Then, take a moment to relate this historical background to the current ethical, clinical, and social considerations when working with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Interpret specific symptoms and syndromes as they relate to abnormal behavior from a culturally sensitive standpoint. Be sure to integrate knowledge of any appropriate cultural considerations psychologists must be aware of when working with individuals from backgrounds dissimilar to their own.


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The syndrome of the bounding culture results towards the analysation of the diseases which are specific to the alternations and handling the organs of the body. There are different functions which are designed and recognised under the most frameworks to handle the cultural specific orders. (Low, 1984). As per the categorisation of the diseases, there is familiarity based on the biochemical abnormalities which results to the somatic symptoms.

The bound cultural syndrome is a wide rubric that incorporates certain behavioural, full of feeling and subjective signs found in particular societies.

These appearances are degenerate from the typical conduct of the people of that culture and are a purpose behind misery/uneasiness. This entitles these appearances for a legitimate naming and ensuing administration. (Ventigrilo et al., 2015). On the other hand, the accessible data and writing on these conditions propose that at any rate some of them are/have been more broadly common than being considered. This article exhibits a case for conceivable relabeling and consideration of these conditions in the standard indicative frameworks taking into account the sample disorder a society bound disorder from India.

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