Contemplating replacing current fleet of delivery vehicles
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Your company is contemplating replacing their current fleet of delivery vehicles with Nissan NV vans. You will be replacing 5 fully-depreciated vans, which you think you can sell for $3,800 apiece and which you could probably use for another 2 years if you chose not to replace them. The NV vans will cost $37,000 each in the configuration you want them, and can be depreciated using MACRS over a 5-year life. Expected yearly before-tax cash savings due to acquiring the new vans amounts to about $4,500 each. If your cost of capital is 12 percent and your firm faces a 35 percent tax rate, what will the cash flows for this project be? (Round your answers to the nearest dollar amount.)

FCF= Year 0 $-172,650.00

FCF= Year 1 $

FCF= Year 2 $

FCF= Year 3 $

FCF= Year 4 $

FCF= Year 5 $

FCF= Year 6 $

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