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A firm contemplating entering the market would need to invest $100 million to build a minimum efficient scale production plant (or about $10 million annually on an amortized basis). Such a plant could produce about 100 million pounds of cereal per year. What would be the average fixed costs of this plant if it ran at capacity? Each year, U.S. breakfast cereal makers sell about 3 billion pounds of cereal. What would be the average fixed costs if the cereal maker captured a 2 percent market share? What would be the disadvantage (how much higher the average cost would be) if it achieved only a 1 percent share?

Reference no: EM131224610

Examine the current balance

Write the SQL code to examine the current balance, ACC_BALANCE, for the account, ACC_NUM, with the value 45689 located in the CHECKACC table.  The ACC_NUM is a character fie

Why north american commercial seafood industry consolidating

Why is the North American commercial seafood industry consolidating? What are some of the defining characteristics of the industry? (hint: you may want to use the 5-forces m

Common models for managed care organizations

Compare and contrast two common models for managed care organizations. For each model, identify the inherent incentives that exist for the physicians who provide care to the

Since ratification of the u.s. constitution

Since ratification of the U.S. Constitution many groups of people have struggle to achieve equality under the law. Even after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution and the

Benefits involved in event for leadership experience

Brief explanation of what the benefits are from getting involved in such an event for leadership experience and why you chose this particular experience.

Write a sales letter using monroes motivates sequence

Imagine a product that might solve a common problem in your industry of interest. Write a sales letter using Monroe's Motivates Sequence, targeting a potential buyer of the pr

Dividend policy for chipotle mexican grill

Using, explain what you believe is the dividend policy for Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG), and YUM! Brands, Inc. (YUM). The points earned depend on the

Marketing in new regions

Suppose you were recently promoted to Director of Marketing for existing product sold domestically that will now be sold in multiple countries in new geographical region.


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