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Just as the state of the healthcare industry and the concept of the patient have changed so have healthcare facilities. Physicians’ offices aren’t always offices anymore. Healthcare facilities can be mobile, virtual or traditional. This week we will look at how healthcare facilities have evolved. Besides concierge medicine and retail clinics, identify two other contemporary healthcare facilities identified in the literature. Discuss how marketers could advertise the new facilities and the impact you think the new facilities will have on healthcare consumers and currently existing facilities in the market. Part 2: Refocusing Facilities With the many changes occurring in the healthcare industry, managers may find themselves needing to change their strategy in order to stay relevant in the market. Changing strategic focus takes time, effort and planning. As healthcare continues to evolve the idea of changing corporate strategic focus may begin to occur more often in healthcare businesses. A strategy of focusing a general facility to specialize in ethnic or other minority group care can be very risky. List at least three analyses that should be completed before reaching this decision. Be specific about the factors that should be included in each analysis.

Reference no: EM131157169

What is strategic posture

What is strategic posture? How does a decision concerning the strategic posture help to create decision guidelines for management and affect the organization’s culture?

Described as sharing costs-sharing risks

The new world of employee benefits is best described as “sharing costs, sharing risks.” Discuss the impact of that philosophy on the broad areas of health care and pensions.

Product quality levels-assortment planning-pricing policies

Explain merchandise planning Merchandise Planning and Development Practices of HOMEDEPOT ... Product quality levels, assortment planning, pricing policies, inventory planning

Term given to indicate that the demand for goods

Derived demand is the term given to indicate that the demand for goods, services, and ideas in organizations is derived from consumer wants and needs. Which of the following e

Developing selection measures outlined

Using the eight steps for developing selection measures outlined in your book, develop a time line for creating a new selection measure. If you were to begin today, explain wh

Define and explain the term integrative bargaining.

Define and explain the term “Integrative Bargaining.”  Define and explain the five (5) types of union security clauses included in collective bargaining agreements.

Consider various methods for collecting and analyzing data

Consider the various methods for collecting and analyzing data. Discuss what you have learned with your classmates. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the various me

Compare and contrast hofstedes dimensions of culture

For your initial post, compare and contrast Hofstede’s dimensions of culture, GLOBE cultural dimensions, and Trompenaars' value dimensions. Describe the managerial implication


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