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Suppose the consumer/worker values two things: a consumption good C and leisure: Suppose that there are 24 hours in a day and the consumer/worker has a utility function U (C; `) = C0:5`0:5: The price of consumption is P and the wage rate is w: You dont need any more prices. Note that this is a conceptually di¢ cult question with easy math. The di¢ culty in the problem is in setting it up correctly, conceptualizing it correctly and interpreting it correctly. 1. Write down the formula for the consumer/workers income. 2. Set up the utility maximization problem by writing the Lagrangian. 3. Solve for the Marshallian Demand for ` (i:e: solve for `) 4. Take the derivative of ` with respect to w: Is the result surprising (it should be!)? How is this problem different from the standard utility maximization problem (hint: there is an extra e¤ect of w here - explain what it is and how it works).

Reference no: EM131244827

Level of output should be produced to maximize profits

The cost function for a firm is given by TC = 6,000 + 12.5Q. The firm sells output in a perfectly competitive market and other firms in the industry sell at a price of P = 25

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What term do economists use to describe how governmental agencies such as, say, the Federal Trade Commission, may go from being a “watchdog” for consumers to being a “lapdog”

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Live happley is a small player in the apple business and has no individual effect on wages and prices. Suppose that the market wage for apple pickers is $200. Assuming that al

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Globalization and global trade have led to increased competition in world markets and increased efficient allocation of scarce resources. Is it accurate to say that this is co

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Suppose you're in charge of establishing economic policy for this small island country. Which of the following policies would lead to greater productivity in the weaving indus

Assume the short-run aggregate supply curve

Assume the short-run aggregate supply curve can be expressed algebraically as: Y = 4,500 + 3,000π and the dynamic aggregate demand curve can be written as: Y = 5,000 – 1,000π.


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