Consumer behavior-family and social class

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Consumer behavior

Family and Social Class

In this week's reading you were exposed to all the roles and responsibilities families, especially parents, have. It seems chief among these roles is the socialization of children. Socialization includes many things in the realms of both behavior and values. These include consumption values and behaviors.

First, identify brands and behaviors you engage in as a consumer that are a direct result of your family influence. Explain how the socialization process influenced you and your choices.

Second, identify brands and behaviors you engage in as a consumer that are different from your family. In this case, explain how other people in your life react to this consumption. Do not limit yourself to thinking about your family's reactions only.

Third, relate these brands and behaviors to your social class. Do you feel that your consumption is consistent or inconsistent with your subjective classification of your social class?

Reference no: EM131135176

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