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Assume demand for a medical service is given by the equation P = 1000-2Q. Assume the price without insurance is $100, but insurance reduces the consumer’s out-of-pocket price to $50. How many extra services will be consumed as a result of the out-of-pocket price reduction?

Reference no: EM13735976

What are realization crises

According to Marx, is there a tendency for the rate of profit to fall? On what assumptions is this argument based? What are the counteracting forces that may forestall such a

Find the equilibrium allocation of labor to each sector

Consider an economy that produces food and cloth. Food is produced using land and labor. Cloth is produced using capital and labor. Initially, the world price of food and the

Producers from delivering gasoline to consumers

In the aftermath of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, there was a lack of gasoline for consumers to purchase in New York and New Jersey. Lines were common, as there was significant dema

What point is revenue maximized and equilibrium price

The demand for candy bars is given by P = 5 - 0.01Q, where P is measured in dollars and Q in candy bars. At what point is revenue maximized? If the supply curve is given by Q

Comparative advantage in the production of a product

A country possesses a comparative advantage in the production of a product if a. The opportunity cost, in terms of the amount of the other products that it gives up to produce

Shock our model of the labor market predicts that

Suppose that households wealth increase because the value of their assists (homes, stocks, land, etc.) have increased. As a result of this shock our model of the labor market

Restaurants fit the characteristics of perfect competition

The first sushi restaurant opens in town. Initially people are very cautious about eating tiny portions of raw fish, as this is a town where large portions of grilled meat hav

What will be the nominal value of your investment

You have invested $15,000 at a nominal rate of 8%. What will be the nominal value of your investment after 15 years? If inflation averages 4% over the next 15 years, what will


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