Consultant to conduct preliminary hazard analysis

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Write a discussion post that identifies different hazards in the following scenario

Scenario: You are hired as a consultant to conduct a preliminary hazard analysis. Two construction workers are accessing a roof using a ladder. The roof is for a commercial property and is relativity flat. On the roof, they are installing a new AC duct and are using a hammer drill to predrill holes for the duct.

Reference no: EM132234837

What is strategic communication

What is strategic communication? What are some strategies that are useful for business Marketing? Describe the Six-Step Presentation Plan. Which step do you think is the most

Firm has a production function for output

A firm has a production function for output Y given by Y = F(K, AL, Q) = Kα(AL) βQγ , K is capital input, L is labor input, and Q is use of land. Capital can be hired at the r

Why did telefonica initially focus on latin america

What changes in political and economic environment allowed Telefoncia to start expanding globally? Why did Telefonica initially focus on Latin America? Why was it slower to

Present information so correct perspective is reflected

Imagine that you have been asked to produce a presentation in PowerPoint at work based on data you have been provided. How does integrity affect how you present information so

Breaches through a concealed investigative process

from an internal source it can be nearly impossible to detect if there are no internal controls or a plan to investigate internal breaches through a concealed investigative

Term developing an organization culture

The term "developing an organization culture" implies values shared by the top manager but not by the lower level employees ? Firms in shrinking markets many times are the pro

Flexible benefits programs are employer inducements

Flexible benefits programs are employer inducements to reduce benefits costs. The average employee has neither the ability nor information to make such important choices. Empl

Critically examine the organization''s supply chain system

Critically examine the organization's supply chain system components and their non-linear interaction. Analyze the weaknesses and opportunities for improvement related to lead


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