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Programming Project -

Description: The programming project will be the construction of a functional calculator.

Calculator Requirements:

• For each computation, accept the expression from an input file (*.inp).

• All output must be written to a file of the same name (*.out). Upon completion of each computational statement, echo the statement to the file and print out the name of each statement variable and its numerical value.

• Detect and report expression errors in an accurate and understandable fashion.

• The calculator must be written in C #

Calculator Components: Your calculator must have the following components:

• Grammar - Provides a blueprint for expression parsing

• Lexical Analyzer - To identify tokens

• Parser - Creates tree to interpret each line of computation

• Symbol Table -- To track variables and their values as they change with each computation


• Use the Gold Parse Builder (GPB) to design your lexical analyzer and parser. To get you started, I am providing a sample file that allows it to process input for a simple C-like language (Tiny-DFA.GRM). If you use the GPB, use its Test capability to make sure the input is being tokenized correctly.

• You will need to process the XML output from GPB, which encodes the tables you will need for lexical analysis and parsing. I will provide the code that will allow you to import the XML into a program data structure (tree) and search it.

• To help you, I will upload a set of project resources to D2L.

• You must upload your materials to D2L in a zipped file per the below schedule.

Download file from this link:

Reference no: EM131253435

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10/24/2016 3:06:58 AM

Please see the deliverable section in "Project Requirement Details" file in the attachments. I have completed the first part which is "Grammar for Lexical Analysis". Please start building the program using the file "Calculator.sln" To understand the assignment please read the two attached word documents.

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