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Construct a phylogenetic tree of the following organisms: turkey, pine tree, dog, clam, daisy, andfern. Use the following "evolutionary novelties" to defineeach group: backbone, shell, photosynthetic (produces ownfood), flowers, cones, seeds, heterotrophic (must acquire food),feathers, eukaryotic, and hair. Indicate these novelties onthe tree.
Based on this phylogenetic tree, is the group including pinetree, daisy, and fern monophyletic? Justify your answer --that is, explain why the group is monophyletic or not. Inyour answer, be sure to demonstrate that you know what"monophyletic" means.

Reference no: EM13532769

How did the blue-gren algae cause the fist mass extinction

How did the blue-gren algae (cyanobacteria) cause the fist mass extinction? Describe how the structure of erythrocytes is advantageous for their function as oxygen transporter

Express your answer as an integer

What is the probability that, in an organism with a haploid number of 15, a sperm will be formed that contains all 15 chromosomes whose centromeres were derived from materna

Why is it harder to study gene regulation in eukaryotes

Why do you think gene regulation is more complex in a multicellular organism versus a single-celled organism? Why is it harder to study gene regulation in eukaryotes?

Find the optimal phylogenetic gene tree

estimate a neighbour-joining (NJ) tree of the 15 sequences. Check the topology (that is, the branching structure) of the tree as a Cladogram then as a Phylogram. Print it ou

Describe the changes in gene sequence that have occurred

How can we use what we know about this process to construct a timeline showing when various sequence changes occurred and when they lead to the modern sequences that we know

Describe the basic structure of dna

1. Describe the basic structure of DNA. Discuss why DNA is often called a 'protein recipe'. 2. List and briefly describe 3 primary differences between DNA and RNA. 3. Describe

Describe the dominantphenotype and progeny

Suppose a gene A is on the X chromosome, and genes B, C, and D areon three different autosomes. Thus, A- signifies the dominantphenotype in the male or female, What is the p

Complete a three-day diet record

Objective: This assignment will enable you to: Assess your current food/nutrient intake and to suggest realistic changes that you could make to meet nutritional goals and pr


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