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1. Which branches of government create and authorize, but do not review, the constitutionality of the explicit text of the written laws codified in the United States Code?

A. The legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch.

B. The judicial and the legislative branches.

C. The executive and the judicial branches.

D. The legislative and the executive branches.

2. Goal Seek is a Scenario tool that maximizes Excel's cell-referencing capabilities and enables you to find the input values needed to achieve a goal or objective.



3. What is the main difference between goal seek and variable data tables?

A. Goal Seek produces a list of result values

B. Goal Seek uses the original worksheet data to change an input

C. Goal Seek manipulates multiple variables to produce

D. Goal Seek manipulated a list of outcome values

4. ________ is a valuable tool for developing marketing resource allocation strategies.

Portfolio analysis

Knowledge class

Product life cycle

Macro indicators

5. The “Right to Privacy” is what kind of constitutional right?

A. A penumbral right that the Court recognizes as being implied by explicit guarantees of liberty contained in the Bill of Rights.

B. An enumerated right contained only in the Fourteenth Amendment.

C. An enumerated right contained in the Bill of Rights

D. A penumbral right that is only recognized as a judge-made, common law principle and not a constitutional right.

Reference no: EM132233775

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