Constitution is considered a living document

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The U.S. Constitution is considered a "living document" because it can be amended as new issues arise or public opinions change. Using the Internet, identify a constitutional amendment currently being proposed by a member of Congress. In a minimum of 150-200 words, identify the Congressmen, the proposed amendment, why it is being proposed and what you believe are the chances that it will be passed.

Reference no: EM13209416

What were you most surprised to learn about your lifestyle

Complete the Lifestyle Assessment Inventory. Record your scores for each of the lifestyle assessment sections, as well as the total score and answer the following questions.

Ratios measure a corporation liquidity

What ratios measure a corporation's liquidity? What are some problems associated with using such ratios? How would the DuPont analysis overcome these problems? What are the

Using the process of classical conditioning

Using the process of classical conditioning describe how a child may become fearful of people dressed in a white uniform after receiving an injection at the doctors office.

Center for holistic urology

Research from the Center for Holistic Urology and elsewhere strongly suggests that if every man who was told to "watch and wait" entered into a focused chemoprevention progr

Future trends in counselor evaluation

Give a brief description of the trend or direction on the way counselors administer, score, and interpret assessments. Explain the considerations and challenges for the use

Discuss the issues of their under-representation as victim

Typically, minorities in US are over represented in criminal justice system as offenders and underrepresented as victims. Discuss the issue(s) of their under-representation as

Explain the economic loss doctrine-transport corporation

Explain “the economic loss doctrine.” Explain how it applies to AOL. Explain how it applies to Transport Corporation. Explain what AOL could have done to better protect itself

Describing the elements for a valid contract

After the concert, Gerard tells Kids Care that he has decided not to donate the receipts to the organization. Is Gerard's promise enforceable despite the lack of consideration


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