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1. An airplane takes off from a coastal city where the air temperature is 20 °C (68 °F) and climbs to cruising altitude. At what altitude will the outside temperature be 0 °C?

(Assume that there is no temperature inversion like those which occur in the Los Angeles area.)

2. Consider a cyclic equilibrium process made up of following sub processes:

→ is isothermal with increasing volume;

→ is at constant volume with decreasing pressure;

→ is adiabatic.

(a) Sketch the process on a PV diagram.

(b) Complete the following table with numerical values. (Use a separate piece of paper.) Justify your answers, and use the numbers in the table to identify your justifications.

Sub process




→ b

3600 J



→ c




→ a



-1200 J

Complete cycle




(c) Find the energy efficiency of the process.

Reference no: EM131011938

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