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Select an engineering project. it can be a current project, one already completed or a future project. Whatever project you choose, it must be a project for which you can readily obtain information. The project that you choose does not have to be a large or well known public project, or even one that you have personally worked on, it simple needs to be a project as defined by the theory and practice of Project Management.

You will be required to provide a brief background to the project and why you believe your example qualifies as a project. A brief discussion showing consistency between this project and the organisation's overall business plan should be included. The various stakeholders in the project and their perspective should be identified.

A discussion of the project scope and the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is required. To help clarify the boundaries for the project you will be required to provide details of the project schedule and schedule constraints and a 1 page budget plus discussion on the budget constraints. A discussion of issues related to quality in your project should be included. Details of a risk analysis for your project should also be included in your report.

The assignment will be written as a planning document as though the project has not commenced (even if the project that you chose has been completed). It will be presented in a format that would be suitable for presenting to a CEO as a briefing document. The assignment needs to make sense as a stand alone document to an audience that has not been previously briefed on this project, it needs to be self supporting, speak with one voice and be concise. This is your context and target audience!

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Reference no: EM13711916

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